Wednesday, July 2, 2008


HSVROC 2008 - Topaz Lodge and Casino, Topaz Lake, NV, June 19 - 22.

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Scott, Skid, Sandy and Sherm. Where is Scott's RRR shirt?

Jimbo and Duke.

Ed and Carl. Sherm talks to "Gone Mad".

Hanging out in front of the General Store. K. C. and VSP rocking. Skid, Sandy, Jest and Penmaker behind.

David J., Sherm and K. C.

Josh, Sandy, Homeless and Jest.

Cranky in his Ralph Lauren attire. Skid, Penmaker, Josh, Sandy, "Gone Mad" and Slots.

The Sublows. Laura, Homeless and Nite Lite.

K. C., Ed, Tiny and Slots.

Friday night dinner. Penmaker, "Gone Mad", Josh, K. C., David J, Slots, Jest and Tiny.

Saturday Ride headed to the Giggle Road. Duke has a flat rear tire.

Duke's Voyager getting towed to Carson City.Tioga Toomey's excellent Deli at the Mobil Station:
Tioga Toomey's World Famous Deli

On toward the Giggle Road.

Turn around on the Giggle Road.

This one is for Mac Guy and Gypsy Cat and the others that were on that famous Ride a couple of years ago. Rhinos Bar and Grill in Bridgeport, CA.

Rhino's BLT.

Jim S, Cat, Karl S.

Karl S drinking his Coke and Jim Beam. Someone can't watch.
Slammer finally awakes from his afternoon nap.

Mr and Mrs Jazzhound from Berkeley. Jazzhound brought the brats and cooked them during the Saturday evening Raffle.

Sandy, Skid, Carl A, David J standing. Jim S, Cat, Mrs Jahn sitting in foreground. Karl S hidden face. Jest and TC discussing the cosmos and their affect on the Universe :-) .
Wayne, Josh and Marcia from Sonoma County fit in nicely with the rowdies from Nevada.

The Castro Valley contingent.

Duke got a new tire in Minden and made it back in time to down a brat. Tiny is joining the Duke.

If you ride home using Ebbets Pass, this is the sign near the top.
The views along the road (sometimes one lane) are spectacular.
Check out Cranky's Blog for photos of Sonora Pass, Sherm's Friday Ride and a bunch of the Saturday evening Raffle.
Cranky's Blog of HSVROC 2008


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